Pick the right underwear for the office

Etiquette and social protocol can be and should be used as a strategic tool to increase business bottom line and profitability. Employers who are looking to hire and/or promote are becoming more selective with their options. So what is the big tie breaker? What is the game changer?

It’s simple: knowing and using etiquette and social protocol will always give a business or employee the leverage needed to stand out in the midst of the crowd.  Giving a customer a quality experience can definitely establish loyalty and an immediate return on your investment (ROI).

Business etiquette training among all industries is on the rise. More than 80 percent of advancing in the marketplace involves learning and using “soft” skills like appropriate behavior, professional attire selection and dining etiquette.
Here are a few quick tips to be mindful of throughout National Business Etiquette Week, June 1-7, to help avoid business social pitfalls:

Are you covered?

Undergarments are named that for a reason. Whether male or female, undergarments are designed to be worn under clothing.  Take a few quick seconds before you rush out the door each morning to ensure your undergarments are in fact “under” your garments and to make any necessary clothing adjustments, if needed. Showing too much skin in a professional environment can trigger complaints.

Dress the part

By dressing two levels above your position you show others that you are serious about your professional career and advancement.

Dining with ease

You have been tasked with taking a new client out to lunch. One of the biggest faux pas is not knowing which utensil to use first when a table setting has several utensils. Here’s a tip: Always start from the outside and work your way in toward the plate.

Business travel

It is critical to have working knowledge and understanding of various religions and cultures prior to a business trip. If traveling to a country on business for the first time is in your plans, you may want to research other cultures by visiting:  state.gov/countries

Image is everything

A dirty, tattered or out-dated business card can be a huge deal breaker for signing on a new client or making a great business connection. It takes a positive meeting to an awkward place.

Give clients attention

Let your clients and customers know they take first priority. Keep mobile phones on vibrate or turned off during business meetings.

Friendly demeanor

In the service industry, giving a friendly smile or a warm greeting can mean and convey so much. Don’t take customers for granted.  Strive to always let them know how they are