Dear Mr. Trump,

Although I usually try to squash any vitriol I feel from public display beyond my social media feeds, I’ll blame this note on your unequaled ability to bring out the worst in people. I, like many others, am still recovering from the shock and disbelief of realizing that the country I believed in and came to love could slap decency in the face like it did on November 8, 2016. We allowed the most disgraceful human being ever to run for the presidency, to get it.

You, Mr. Trump, need to realize that America does not have as president the candidate who overwhelmingly won the support of the American people. We have instead the runner up. The loser of the vote. And instead of acknowledging that and moving toward the will of the American people – the Democratic agenda – you put a white supremacist at the head of your team, and continue to denigrate the people you promise to lead.

America saw every deep, dark, nasty, unkind crevice of who you are and somehow allowed the media to equalize you, who should be a role model for no one’s children other than your own, with a woman whose greatest missteps in life were using email from home, even though it was better secured than the Pentagon’s, and marrying a cheater. For all the cheating you have done, robbing small businesses, betting on Americans losing their homes, scamming people out of their retirement money, verbal, psychological and physical abuse of women, and the racist and nationalist rhetoric you have spewed for the past 2 years, a little less than half of America welcomed you with open arms and said – this is the kind of person I want my kids to look up to.

And I have no doubt that you will make every attempt to keep the promises you made to your fans throughout the election process. You have shown that by the hardliners you have chosen for your cabinet. They have nothing to do with the policies and agenda that won the votes of the American people. You have nothing to do with the will of the American people.

Many have put on a brave face because we all have to to survive. But the more than half of the American electorate who voted for Hillary, and the millions more who chose not to vote, are not okay with you. Millions of us are praying for an equal and opposite miracle to the one that got you the electoral college victory. We are praying that by the grace of God you go nowhere near any bible on the US Capitol. That is not a call to arms. It is a support of any and all legal means to block you from screwing up the country we love, possibly for another generation. Restricted women’s rights, restricted civil liberties, privatized education, privatized health care, privatized prisons, less concern for Americans and more concern for business. That’s what Republicans have been pushing for years. And Mr Trump, if and when you are given the power to move toward any of that, mark my word that all the people who stayed quiet during the election because we were confident in the decency of the American electorate, only to be let down by the electoral college system, will be out in force to ensure that you and every senator and representative who supports this regressive, oppressive agenda never sees an electoral victory again.

Warm Regards,

A disgruntled member of the American electoral majority #notmypresident

Calibe Thompson is a video media producer, speaker and author. Share your opinions on this column @calibethompson on Facebook.