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ATHENS, Ala. – “2 Hearts for Integrity Ministries (2HIM),” recently announced the upcoming release of the book, “Beyond any Mask: What Kind of Godly Character Are You?”

As a Christian, at some point in your life with Christ you’ve likely asked the question, “What’s God’s plan/purpose for me?”

If you’ve been a Believer for quite some time and still don’t have the answer, then the heart of the problem could be … a problem of the heart. I’m not talking about your blood-pumping organ but about your character qualities.

No doubt there are professing Christians who wonder (or should wonder) why their lifestyles are not so different from non-Believers. It’s because they have character deficiencies not totally surrendered to the Lord.

If you fall in this category, or if you’re unsure if you do, then this book is for you.

Why? Because your character drives your destiny. You may or may not be on the right track to fulfill God’s plan and purpose for your life based on your character traits.

Please accept this personal challenge to join me on this journey as we boldly:

– Seek to remove any mask you may be wearing (via the power of the Holy Spirit) – Come to the altar of repentance before God – Learn to live as the “real deal” before a generation that needs you.

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