WealthTrue wealth is not about buckets of cash. Nor is it about designer clothes, the latest new car or living in a palatial estate. True wealth is about discovering value within yourself and allowing it to manifest into your physical world; which could result in buckets of cash, designer clothes, the latest new car or palatial estate. (BTW, there’s nothing wrong with the accumulation of material goods, however, when accumulating material goods is the sole focus, something else is likely amiss. More on that another time.)

Money is a key aspect of wealth, so let’s explore what it really is. Money is anything that is commonly accepted by a group of people for the exchange of goods, services, or resources.  So essentially, the paper money and credit cards we use every day to buy bread, a car or take that trip, are merely legal tender, a form of exchange. In and of itself, money has no intrinsic value. We assign it value by our use of it.

Money is a vehicle of value. External things are valuable because we say they are. Without us, what is the value of the bread, the car or that trip?


The material things have no “money value” in themselves – we assign the value!

How you interact with money is a reflection of your internal value that pertains to wealth; that part of you that is your wealth consciousness. Wealth consciousness can be defined as being awake to wealth. We can only consciously experience what we’re aware of, what we’re awake to and what we create an intention for.

Money is drawn to a wealth consciousness; which you were born with. If your external world does not reflect that, it may be because your wealth consciousness has been smothered by a belief, usually subconscious, in worldly lack and limitation.  Side note: There is no lack in the Universe.

Wealth and abundance are available to us in the here and now, but many of us have been asleep to this truth. To awaken your wealth consciousness requires a renewed mind. To that end, I invite you to work with the following:

1. Discover your purpose: Why are you here? Your purpose and your wealth consciousness are connected. Live your purpose, live your wealth! Only by knowing and declaring your purpose and holding it before you every day can you move forward in the right direction and have a great time doing so.

2. Be: In order to experience wealth, you must first “be” wealth and being wealthy begins with how you think about it.  Are your thoughts focused on what you have or on what you do not have? What you can do or what you cannot? Being wealthy is an expansive state of mind that manifests on the outside. As within, so without! Be wealth from the inside-out!

3. Set a goal: Goals help you to align with wealth. Goals focus your thoughts and format them so that the Universe can express abundance through you into your life. Your goals are a prophecy of what you will attain. If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up exactly there.

4. Take action: How do you learn how to drive or swim? By taking action! Not just reading about driving or swimming. How do you attain wealth? The same way. Read about wealth, but then take the actions that lead to its manifestation, like making that telephone call that you’ve been putting off, sending that email or updating your resume.

5. Practice gratitude: All things come to those who are grateful. By the law of cause and effect, your gratitude attracts more of that for which you are grateful. Gratitude aligns with faith; which means being grateful even before you receive something.

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Gratitude is an affirmation of faith that you already have what you desire. If you want a wealth consciousness, affirm regularly, “I am wealthy.”

I encourage you to engage your wealth consciousness by working with these steps and allowing your life to experience and express true wealth.

Rev. Charles Taylor is the Senior Minister at the Universal Truth Center, 21310 NW 37th Ave, Miami Gardens. He may be reached at 305-624-4991 or Charles@utruthcenter.org.