It is now 2014, and Western leaders around the world are talking war. When President Obama was elected in 2008, he guaranteed Americans that he would stop the two major wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These were two of the longest conflicts in the history of the U.S., and Americans were tired and had war fatigue.

It appeared that the president was a man of his word, and he had brought the troops home from Iraq, and he was starting to bring the troop’s home from Afghanistan. But the war hawks have always believed that the president’s strategy was flawed, and he was moving too fast.

In the last two weeks, two American reporters’ have been decapitated by a new radical group called ISIS or the Islamic State, and it is time for President Obama to act. This week there was a NATO Summit in Wales and President Obama has decided to incorporate a military strategy to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS.

The U.S. and nine key allies agreed last week at the NATO Summit to hunt down the terrorist with military power, which sounds like war. The nine countries that have agreed to collaborate with the U. S. are Britain, France, Germany, Canada, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Denmark, and Australia. President Obama said there was “unanimous” consent among NATO members at the summit that ISIS posed a threat to them and that “action” would need to be taken.

Earlier this week, the president was saying the goal was to roll back the ISIS organization to a point, where it was “manageable.” Somehow the president has changed his position and now America must destroy this savage organization and hunt down the militants just as we did with Al-Qaida and with al-Shabab in Somalia. It now appears the President Obama is a hawk, and his goal is to destroy and dismantle the Islamic State.

It does not matter that these Western countries and the U. S. really don’t have much information on the organization, but they are ready to spend millions on an enemy that they are not sure what to call them. Our president is making decisions based on anger, and he has nine other countries following him. It is easy to make strategic mistakes, when Isis is deeply entrenched in Syria and Iraq, and both countries are unstable, and none of the leadership can be trusted.

In Syria president Bashar Al-Assad has killed 100,000 of his own people, and it would be insane to negotiate with him. ISIS is well funded with oil money and many political experts think that this war is about who controls the income from the oil business. These ten countries can tell their residents that this is the most acute security challenge since the end of the cold war, but it is truly not the truth.

This war is about whom controls the oil in Iraq, and the war hawks are winning the debate and conversation. President Obama has forgotten that he was given the Nobel Peace prize, and now at times he has become a war monger and killer like the other war hawks. War and peace are extremely complicated, because Alfred Nobel invented dynamite, explosives and rocket propellant, but the prize for peace is given in his name.

In world affairs, your enemy today can be your friend tomorrow, so be careful who you threaten. Diplomacy is complicated and the world needs peace. In international relations, it is better not to flex your muscles, and sell wolf tickets that you may not be able to cash.

 Roger Caldwell, a community activist, author, journalist, radio host and CEO of On Point Media Group, lives in Orlando. His book, The Inspiring Journey of a Stroke Survivor, details the story of his recovery from a massive stroke. He may be reached at