al calloway.jpgThe thing is that clearly too many Americans don’t want “a system of government by the whole population, usually through elected representatives.”

The thing is that clearly too many Americans don’t want “a system of government by the whole population, usually through elected representatives.” That is the first definition of democracy according to the Oxford American Dictionary of Current English.
That these recalcitrant Americans, led by governors, other elected officials and political shills, and underwritten by plutocrats, demand an austere electorate, one including a descending number of “minorities” in subsequent elections, is problematic for America’s future as a so-called democracy.
In addition to the contradiction in terms here in America, knowingly or not, these truly un-American forces have unleashed a torrent of disaffection for American governance as increasingly our foreign policy push around the world, which is based on democracy, is being reviled in an ever-growing discordant crescendo.

Amorality prevails

It is the brilliant psychoanalysis of the “white man” by a so far unnamed Native of what we now call America who reportedly said, “White man speak with forked tongue.” History has proven that statement to be true. Saying and doing anything to get ahead has infected the world. At best, amorality prevails.

So, history books, media pundits and American parents constantly propagandize that the European elite class that fathered, inherited and nurtured the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade, which brought them and their cohorts great wealth while they massacred the native peoples, were the great “Founding Fathers” of America. Of course they all leave out the stuff about the slave trade and genocide.
But the reality is that so-called democracy is just a theory, folks. The primary definition of a theory is “a supposition or system of ideas explaining something.”

Watch that word “supposition” because it means “suppose” which means “assume.” What was never assumed, never thought probable, never thought beyond their profitability as part property and part human being as James Madison demanded the slave be assessed, was that the black man would ever have to be regarded as a citizen.


Therefore, the vaunted democracy the so-called founding fathers envisioned and developed was only intended for white people; and, at first, only for white people from northern Europe. Now, in addition to the human rights of African Americans, white America has to deal with Latinos who rightfully lay claim to a history from pre-colonial Florida to the Pacific Ocean.

How could America be a democracy with a labor force of 132 million people, yet upwards of 85 percent don’t have the skills for available jobs?
How does that make sense? MSNBC TV reports that “51 percent of American companies can’t fill jobs due to lack of skills.” Asia, not known for so-called democracy, spends 15 percent on supplementary education, including tutors, while super-rich, “democratic” America spends a paltry 2 percent.
Hysterical white nationalists are hyperventilating about the impending “browning of America” as their fear of universal white genetic annihilation looms ever near. Fear seems to have become the overarching raison d’etre in America. Blacks fear everything and whites fear blacks more than anything else.

Outmoded concepts

Fear also has white nationalists wanting to square so-called democracy with small government. Here we have a nation no longer of 180 million people but one of 320 million to 350 million. What do you mean “small government?”

There’s nothing small about that number of people. Fear is causing America to drag outmoded concepts that did not work during the last part of the 20th century into the present. A government that works for the future cannot be created from the past.
Joe Scarborough, the conservative host of the MSNBC show Morning Joe, constantly repeats the aphorism “a rising tide lifts all boats,” relating it to the rich as providers of American economic prowess. The fact that tides ebb and flow escapes Joe and, no matter what, the rich get richer regardless of the tides. And who else has boats anyway?
Like I said, so-called democracy is just a theory, folks. That’s all.

Al Calloway is a longtime journalist who began his career with the Atlanta Inquirer during the early 1960s civil rights struggle. He may be reached at