In this age of Millennials, Liberalism and permissiveness, it seems students have lost their minds. From disrespecting their parents, their teachers and administrators, their fellow peers, the police and now the ultimate slight – demeaning life itself, young people have grown up in one of the most permissive environments ever.

I was educated in a private school environment. In Catholic school, we attended Mass before we went to class.

In college (Tuskegee Institute, now Tuskegee University), we had mandatory church service on Sunday mornings and Vespers (Sunday evening prayer service).

Up until the early 1960s, even the public schools started their days with some type of prayer or Bible readings. There was a moral code of behavior.

Then Madalyn O’Hair, an atheist and founder of American Atheists, sued the Baltimore City School District because she didn’t want her son influenced by religion, which she called “a crutch” and an “irrational reliance on superstitions and supernatural nonsense. The U.S. Supreme Court then ruled in 1963 against prayer in schools.

Now all religious expressions in schools or school activities are banned. Even some football coaches have been fired for having their players pray before or after their games.

For instance, students at California High School in San Ramon demanded the administration ban the National Anthem from student rallies because the third verse was “racially offensive,” according to Liberty Headlines.

In Iowa, also according to Liberty Headlines, “more than a dozen members of the (Ames High School) band linked arms and walked off the football field during a performance of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’; other band members refused to play their instruments.”

High school students in Duluth, Minnesota will no longer be required to read American literary classics “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” because they “contain racial slurs,” according to.

Then the HUFFPOST reported that “several (black) students walked out of an anthropology course at Princeton University because an award-winning legal anthropologist and professor emeritus used the racial slur n****r several times in a discussion on legal and cultural limits on free speech”.

In fact, when C. Delores Tucker tried to ban the rap lyrics which we found offensive, even the Congressional Black Caucus accused us of trying to violate the rappers’ First Amendment rights of free speech.

Also, according to theblaze, in New York an Ithaca High School’s production of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” was cancelled because a couple of black students protested a white girl being cast as a Roman gypsy named Esmeralda, demanding that a black or brown student be cast.

This “activist” student group wrote a letter to the administration complaining that the casting was “cultural appropriation” and “whitewashing” and the student who got the role was the “epitome of whiteness” even though she was “a stellar actor, singer and dancer.”

Mind you, Esmeralda in the original novel of “The Hunchback” was half Roma and half French. Instead of educating the students that people from France and Rome were of European descent and therefore “white,” not black or brown, school administrators canceled the play entirely, promising to find “another collaborative project (which) will provide young people and our community the opportunity to engage together while fully expressing the talents of our students.”

Oh yes, theblaze also reported that after the play was cancelled, this “activist” student group demanded the school “remove the director of the musicals and hire the director of a local theatre company for the next musical”. Excuse me???

Finally, the greatest example of students gone wild is the horrific murders of 17 students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School here in South Florida by a deranged former student Nikolas Cruz.

This young man has been angry and has had the desire to hurt and kill people for a long time. He has even been accused of pointing a gun to his brother’s head and his mother’s head, who is now deceased.

It seems since prayer was taken out of our schools and violence has permeated every aspect of our children’s lives, including their video games, these kids have lost their way.

But as a wise man said to me, it is not the kids but the adults who have lost their way, destroying every moral value we grew up with.

It’s time for Christian believers to take back their country.