So remember the Sundays when black preachers included this famous phrase in their sermons? “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.”

Can you remember the last time you heard a preacher use that phrase?  It’s been a while now, hasn’t it?  Why?  Well, several reasons.  One is that their beloved POTUS Barack Hussein Obama has openly declared his love for the LGBTQ community.  In fact, he is the first POTUS (President of the United States) to do so, even though when he was a candidate in 2008, he declared to the nation that he was against gay marriage.

But recently his campaign manager, David Axelrod, revealed in his memoirs that he advised Obama to lie about his real feelings about gay marriage to get more votes, especially from the black church.  It has always been a well known fact that the black church is against gay marriage.

So Obama lied, during the campaign and well into his presidency.  The first time I realized it was when he invited members of the LGBTQ community to the White House.  It was on the same day-years later- that President George H.W. Bush (Bush 41), President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush (Bush 43) had invited interdenominational clergy (Christians, Jews and Muslims) to the White House.

On the day the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on behalf of the LGBTQ community on the gay marriage issue, Obama tweeted that love had won out.

So the black preachers want to support their black president. Hence, their reluctance to preach against homosexuality.

But even in the face of their black POTUS supporting homosexuality, some preachers have held fast to their Christian beliefs. Take, for instance, The Coalition of African American Pastors (C.A.A.P.).

The Rev. Bill Owens, president and founder of CAAP, has “encouraged Christians to oppose the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent ruling on same sex marriage through civil obedience,” according to News Max.

Christianity Today quotes Rev. Owens as saying that President Obama fooled black people into supporting him and they need to confront him about his support for gay marriage.

Rev. Owens is further quoted as saying “White people refuse to oppose Obama out of fear of being called bigots, while black people do not want to appear betraying a black man, so Obama is getting away with it. He deceived the American people, because the black community would not have backed him had he come out the first time for same-sex marriage…Obama has no moral compass.”

So because Rev. Owens is so vocal against same-sex marriage and Obama, he has become a target of the radical left.

People For the American Way, a left-wing gay supporting organization, has written profusely about Rev. Owens and CAAP on their Right Wing Watch website, which they say is “dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement.”

They call CAAP a front organization for NOM, an anti-gay organization, and belittled him when he said while he marched in the “real civil rights movement,” he “never marched one foot for the same sex to get married.”

Rev. Owens says he’s ready to go to jail for civil disobedience and will never perform a gay marriage.  According to News Max, he says the Supreme Court got it wrong, just as they got it wrong with the Dred Scott decision which in 1857 ruled that blacks were property and not American citizens.  re

“They have taken away our religious freedom”, says Owens. According to Uptown Magazine, Rev. Owens and CAAP promoted impeaching former U.S. Attorney Eric Holder and chastised the NAACP for supporting gay marriage.

So look for more from CAAP and Rev. Owens who refuse to obey what they consider is an unjust law.  They are ready to go to jail for their beliefs.

Then we have to look no further than what happened in Houston where gay Mayor Annise Parker issued subpoenas to preachers demanding that they turn over all their sermons that had to do with the mayor,      homosexuality or gender identity.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian legal advocacy group, circulated petitions against the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) passed by the City of Houston and signed into law by Mayor Annise Parker on May 28, 2014.

Preachers saw the subpoenas as infringement on their religious liberties and an effort to “punish and intimidate those who dared to step-up and oppose the city council” and a “crackdown on anti-homosexual preaching in city churches,” according to

It is evident that black preachers who dare say, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve” and refuse to perform gay weddings will face retribution.

So America, be prepared for massive civil disobedience. As Rev. Owens says, “This is the new civil rights movement… The politicians and courts have tried to take God out of this country…This country was founded on Godly principles.  We will not stand back.”

Barbara Howard is a political consultant, radio host and commentator and motivational speaker. She is Florida State chairwoman for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and Trade & Travel goodwill ambassador to Kenya. She may be reached at