Maybe it begins in America; maybe it just erupts everywhere — who knows when it will start as long as it starts soon. I’m talking about the end of African people throughout the Diaspora being half slave and half “free.” A dubious distinction indeed for a people inducted into the American Constitution as part property and part human beings. (Something like “Never Forget” should be emblazoned in the mindset of Africans everywhere through all time as a result of such dehumanization!)

Any part of so-called freedom so far proffered by the Eurocentric world, has come with unacceptable conditions, however approved by a contrived leadership of African people expertly conditioned through abject oppression. The global black dilemma that must be breached includes delivering the Diaspora from the European concept called “freedom.”

An entire people who are responsible for the enslavement of African people, are only ready to release their part property and part humans with certain conditions that continue to benefit them, not the progeny of former slaves. Those conditions were encoded within the framework of the concept “freedom.” So, so-called freedom came with conditions.

Therefore, the concept “freedom” is unacceptable and any and everything short of liberation is, as well. Liberation does not come with conditions because it is not something given by some external force or power. Liberation is an internal combustion that explodes from a people: Liberation is legitimately taken, not something politically given. African people must reject the falseness of so-called freedom and embrace reality.

Fundamental to release from the global black dilemma, in order to achieve true liberation, is repudiation of those values engrained that are knowingly and unknowingly oppressive. For example, people of African descent are not niggers, Negroes, coloreds, kaffirs, pygmies, etc. Historical information is readily available about Africa’s glorious past from way before the advent of the Europeans and centuries before the birth of Jesus Christ.

In today’s world, white supremacy is hard pressed to keep black people from knowledge. A hand held online device can spew mountains of information in a flash. With most devices people can simply ask it a question and immediately be able to read various levels of important data about the subject. But here’s the key, black folks: you’ve got to know the questions! So we’ve got to learn how to probe, meaning we’ve got to read the right materials.

And the black leadership vacuum across the globe must quickly become transformed before the white supremacy system’s eugenics pogrom severely weakens the very DNA of black people; to wit, the toxic drinking water in Flint, Michigan. While it is certainly obvious to conscious people throughout the world that the Flint water saga is a laboratory experiment in chemical warfare (population destruction, a la Nazis), white nationalist politicians feign innocence.

The new black leadership that must emerge around the world can no longer come from blacks bathed in Western theology as preachers in America, and slaves of neo-colonialism in Africa and elsewhere.

Some sixty years of civil rights strategies have proved to be the long road to nowhere, irrespective of arguments to the contrary.

Similarly, so-called leaders throughout the Diaspora, especially in Africa, continue to compromise the natural wealth for deals through which they acquire personal wealth and the people starve, have little or no health care, economic opportunities and adequate education. They say that their nations are independent, but what are they independent of?

Leadership that must emerge has to come from entrepreneurs, engineers, technology experts, professionals in banking and finance and international trade, architects and builders, etc. The world of black people has to be totally transformed. Preachers need to stay in their churches and pray for the future of black people. A new black leadership must emerge. Now!

Civil rights so-called leaders are desperate to remain relevant – to liberal white nationalist America – by marching, speaking about social justice, fairness and racial harmony. However, that entire leadership realm is in a place where most black Americans have left, many, seemingly unnoticed, long ago. It’s over, no more hustle; we’re developing a new paradigm.