When did the radical Liberal Left become so interested in saving illegal aliens? When they realized they needed more voters so the Democratic Party could take total control of the country.

Think that’s so far-fetched? Well, 10 years ago, nobody would have thought that marriage would be between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. Or that schools would lose their federal funding if they didn’t let boys who wanted to be girls go to the girls’ bathrooms or that transgender was even a word.

Thanks to our former POTUS, Barack Obama, all that is the new normal.

At the same time he almost destroyed America as a military power. A few days ago, I watched with pride as our new POTUS, Donald J. Trump, spoke to our military men and women and promised we would again be the military power we once were.

You see, I lived and breathed military. My dad and step-father were military, so I was a “military brat.” And I married a military man and became the wife of “an officer and gentleman.” Finally my three children were all born in a military hospital. They were Army brats too.

So I became angry as I saw what Obama was doing to our military. The Daily Caller News Foundation published “The 7 Most Egregious Acts of ‘Social Justice’ in Obama’s Military,” written by Jonah Bennett.

Bennett writes “Former President Barack Obama left a legacy of radical social change in the military…like allowing women in all combat roles and repealing the ban on open transgender service … Here are just seven egregious examples of social justice that creeped into the armed forces over the last eight years.”

1. U.S. Army handbook ordered soldiers not to criticize the common practice of pedophilia or make any nasty comments about the Taliban. (Didn’t Whoopi Goldberg just compare President Trump to the Taliban?) Troops have been told to also ignore cases of extreme sexual assault – even on military bases.

2. An Army Chaplain was disciplined for using Bible verses in a suicide prevention training class, since the “Bible disrespects diversity” (i.e., marriage is between a man and a woman.).

3. Robins Air Force Base in Georgia banned the greeting “Have a blessed day”.

4. Army ROTC cadets were made to walk around in bright red high heels as part of Arizona State University’s “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event.

5. Department of Defense-approved training listed the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bible as historical influences that perpetuate sexism.

6. Navy domestic violence training stated that traditional gender roles (husband and wife) were examples of male privilege.

7. Navy tried to fire a chaplain for biblical teaching on sexuality (man and woman). Chaplain Wes Modder retired in 2016 because the military had become openly hostile to Christianity. Modder said in an interview that “If you’re a Christian and you come into the military today, it’s going to be difficult for you.”

Even if you weren’t military, as a Christian you should be shocked and saddened. Maybe that’s why blacks aren’t volunteering to serve anymore. But this is how Obama recreated the military along with severely depleting its ranks, which has had a disproportional effect on black officers.

To add insult to injury, on the very day that other Presidents invited members of the clergy to the White House, Obama scrapped that event and replaced it with a reception for the LGBTQ (gay) community.

His efforts have been to destroy Christianity and make way for Islam. Obama signed several Executive Orders (EOs) to bring enough Muslim immigrants in to make this seem already like a Muslim state. There’s a book entitled, “america 2064” (notice America starts with a small a.) written by Wayne E. Rawlins, a converted Muslim born in the U.S.A. It should frighten you to death as it gives step by step methods how to change America into an Islamic state.

It reads: in 2064 “America is a place that is united under the banner of La ilaha illallah.

Islam is the dominant way of life and the rights of Christians, Jews, and others are respected and protected…the Shari’ah is the legal framework for which laws are enacted…Across America, symbols of Islam are everywhere, minarets grace skylines, and the Adhan is heard by all. And the national motto is “In Allah We Trust.”

Just recently, there was an Arabic call to prayer at an anti-Trump rally here in America. Think about that as you fight President Trump over his immigration policies.

May God help us all.