So black people are supposed to be aghast that white nationalists are members of Fort Lauderdale’s police force? Quasi police groups, unions and associations have recruited white people that hate black and brown people across America to join police forces and sheriff departments since, like forever.

Unfortunately, conditioning has blacks, as well as others, stuck on the notion of “race” and, therefore, “racism.” Black and brown people, especially, could gain much ground by charging and attacking white nationalism instead. The issue of white nationalism being spread throughout America’s criminal justice system is a case that should be brought before the international court at The Hague.

It is very difficult to prove so-called racism because once denied by the accused, “evidence” brought forth is, at best, suspect. Why?  The notion of race, and therefore racism, is based on false so-called science perpetuated by 18th and 19th century white scientists and medical doctors of Europe and America. They were the promoters of white supremacy and black and brown inferiority through their eugenics movement. (Eugenics – “The science of improving the population by controlled breeding for desirable inherited characteristics.”)

White nationalism and, therefore, “the white supremacy system/culture,” is an ever-constant reality that unequivocally details the American contradiction called democracy. Why so-called leaders have not taken the plight of black and brown American citizens to the United Nations, is a mystery most likely shrouded in guilt and fear.

Now that various kinds of smart phones are in the hands of so many people, hate-filled cops are being caught on camera shooting, beating and harassing black and brown people in the streets of America. What still goes unseen is what happens in police stations where rights are routinely denied, stiff bogus charges added and confessions coerced.

Black and brown judges are rare across the U.S.A. and it is difficult to get blacks, especially, on juries. (Too many blacks hate the impending pressure of being the only one in a jury room full of whites.) Most judges tend to believe everything that policemen/women tell them and too many prosecutors focus on getting convictions rather than seeking truth and justice.

Non-white Americans must face the truth: America’s white supremacy system/culture needs to control black and brown people in order for white nationalism to thrive. Overwhelmingly, white cops are placed in non-white neighborhoods to ensure a continuation of the Posse Comitatus syndrome. (Posse Comitatus – the county sheriff is the only law. Therefore, sheriff’s and police chiefs through their deputies and officers cannot be trumped in meting out “the law.”)

Is it logical to you that politics and economics go together like the fingers to the hand and that they are inseparable and interdependent? If so then, perhaps, you’ll agree that the great civil rights groups and other national black organizations should not allow the Fergusons of America to thrive as bastions of feudalism and white nationalism?

Everywhere there is a Ferguson, the NAACP, Urban League, and other black organizations hold conventions nearby, bringing millions of black dollars to those areas. What do blacks get in return? Jail, death, unemployment, poor schools, deteriorating neighborhoods and plenty of drugs combined with police brutality and no justice!

For those who are conscious, Ferguson put the spotlight on the cowardly behavior of all black so-called leadership – elected officials (there are over ten thousand black elected officials across the nation), and the clergy (there’s a church on almost every block in black communities). We must also include civic leaders, educators and business leaders (including the national black press).

The physics of progress, in terms of human development, do not trend toward backwardness, so we must cease behaving unnaturally, right? What is our political agenda as a suppressed group burdened with poverty, mass passivity and a powerful armed occupying force (white nationalist police)?

What is our economic strategy that can deliver empowerment through self-reliance?

Al Calloway is a longtime journalist who began his career with the Atlanta Inquirer during the early 1960s civil rights struggle. He may be reached at