White nationalism is white supremacy, which is a philosophy ingrained in white people at an early age. (Read Gordon W. Allport’s classic book, The Nature of Prejudice.) “White Nationalism” is the eco-political manifestation of a behavior that masks innate fear of genetic annihilation by posing as superior human beings. White people are merely different, as are other groups of humans, but certainly not superior. White nationalists also appear unaware of the temporality of their global posture.

White nationalism in a global context is seeded in schizophrenia. The delusive conjure that one small dynamic human group – one of planet Earth’s smallest – can, will or should conquer or otherwise rule the world is, indeed, problematic. So much so that World War III awaits the final call!

People of African descent, especially those in the Western Hemisphere, are slowly being awakened by the insatiable assertion of Hitler-like leaders, programs and veiled pogroms. This awakening of those perennially held down by poverty, little to no education, skill and no knowledge of self, once full throttled, will severely clash against the steely status quo: the oligarchs and plutocrats, the super white nationalists and their minions.

In the United States of America, black people are so conditioned that they are easy prey for the psychological game of divide and conquer. Blacks are told that peoples of Hispanic descent out number them and are therefore appealed to more than blacks by white conservative and liberal politicos and the white press. Black politicians, civil rights leaders and the black church do not challenge the fact that significant numbers of Hispanics are of African descent.

The fact that Hispanic blacks and near blacks speak Spanish as a factor of divisiveness pales as logic because Haitians who speak Creole are also of African heritage and are counted as black Americans. When this is pointed out, white liberals will beat blacks to call it racism, which cannot be proved. It is, of course, white nationalism that is at fault and both white liberals and conservatives are complicit.

Since the 1960s black voters have sided with the Democratic Party. Back then, as a college student and civil rights worker with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), I was appalled that black people that had gone through hell to register and then to vote, were told by preachers and other leaders to vote for Democrats.

What? Back then the southern Democrats were the Dixiecrats, who were the KKK and the White Citizens Council — white nationalists. After conservative Barry Goldwater’s 1964 presidential campaign defeat, Dixiecrats took over American politics by splitting up – some became Republicans and began an overt thrust to establish conservatism in both political parties. Since then blacks have been manipulated by so-called liberals and debunked by conservatives.

Misguided blacks still praise President Lyndon B. Johnson for his diabolical “War On Poverty,” which was, in fact, a war on America’s poor. Economic development and entrepreneur development were not part of the mix and so-called training programs implemented by big businesses were for soon to be obsolete entry-level jobs. Big businesses got the contracts for which they charged the government (taxpayers) large sums of money, the profits from which they used to bankroll their research and development of new technologies.

All the new jobs went to suburbia where corporate America began to move, leaving inner cities poorer once the poverty programs ended. Lyndon B. Johnson, of course, was a shrewd Stonewall, Texas Democrat. The so-called war on poverty climaxed while the ever-growing heroin epidemic dominated America’s inner cities.

Meanwhile, conservative and liberal white nationalists launched a national media attack on the poor, especially the black poor, called “the white backlash.” It was brutal and it sucked the will out of many on the edge of society who were trying to make a way out of no way.

Today, black Americans still cling to an invisible and impossible dream that one-day “the white supremacy system/culture” will deliver economic and social justice. President Barack H. Obama preached hope for everybody else then sent his two girls to the best private school money could buy. The real lesson is this: don’t keep relying on that which has proven to be unworkable just because someone says it’s all right.