Felicia Pinkk is on a mission to “help women everywhere bring the glow from their inner beauty to their outer appearance.” Founded in 2000, her company Mahaqni is a full-scale beauty, fashion and entertainment conglomerate that includes a talent management arm and Pinkk Record Label, which also doubles as a production company.

Pinkk and her crew will be casting for singers, actors, comedians and poets to resurrect her signature stage play, Hair Drama. Auditions for the show will be held at the Perfect Hair Studio Suites at 3399 NW 72nd Ave. in Doral on March 6 from 12 to 5 pm.

Written by Felicia Pinkk and loosely based on her life, the play broke local records for the most tickets sold by an unknown playwright at the Joseph Caleb Center when it first debuted in 2009. Now Pinkk wants to bring the story back to center stage with a fresh, talented cast..

She’s re-staging Hair Drama, to offer quality entertainment to the community that families can enjoy together, while raising awareness and giving back to youth.

“Hair Drama is full of faith, fun and positive messages. We need more of that today and I really enjoy working with youth. I have to keep working with our babies,” Pinkk said.

To audition for Hair Drama, contact Pinkk at 786-290-5313.