Finding the perfect gift for your significant other can become a tedious proposition, especially if the relationship is a lengthy one that has included a significant number of gift exchanges over the years.  Since it’s the thought behind the gift that really counts, this year, consider gifting your loved one with a truly thoughtful, heartfelt present:


Either write it yourself or commission someone with poetic talent to put your feelings into words. Once you have the finished product, print it on snazzy, high quality paper with either a picture of your loved one or of the two of you included. A lovely ornamental frame adds the right finishing touch.


These are not for shopping at the grocery store or mall. These are homemade coupons that you create on your computer for your loved one to cash in with you at their convenience. A coupon for a foot or back massage might be redeemed after a long day at work. They might really get a kick out of a coupon for a day off from cooking, doing laundry, mowing the lawn or whatever chore your loved one sometimes dreads completing.


Has your significant other expressed an interest in a particular hobby but hasn’t gotten around to enjoying it? Sometimes a person needs a little push to say ‘yes’ to a new experience. Give them that push by finding a class that teaches their hobby of interest and sign them up. Whether they’re interested in culinary art or learning more about wine, auto repairs, samba, golf or gardening, there’s a class for it.


Get really personal and from the heart by creating a photo journal of your life together. Assemble pictures from your early years until now and arrange them in a scrap book chronologically. Include written snippets to describe what you were doing, and how you felt about it. This is a project that will remind your loved one of what they mean to you.

Consider these suggestions and you will very likely begin to come up with other ideas, not just for your significant other—but also your children, siblings, parents and friends. Before you know it, you will be bursting with ideas for creating something from your heart that conveys a message of love, gratitude and hope – what the holidays are all about!