By JAVON ANTHONY LLOYD Special to South Florida Times


MIRAMAR, Fla. – Performing arts has always been near and dear to my heart. Like many others, I’m a sucker for dance, music and authentic creativity, so when I heard that an international dance troupe was heading back to South Florida, it was only fitting that I took the opportunity to witness the show firsthand.

From the moment the curtain was raised from the stage at the Miramar Cultural Center, I knew the performance I was about to witness was going to be one to remember.

‘ATLANTIC CROSSING’ captures the mind, body and spirit, allowing you to live in the moment in order to appreciate the display of talent and passion.

Presented by the Peter London Global Dance Company and The Company Dance Theatre of Jamaica, the performance was both electrifying and entertaining, with each dancer showcasing the best in contemporary ballet and expressive movements.

The dancers were extremely precise with their routines, lifting their legs high into the air and positioning their bodies to exact angles that seemed to take the breath out of many in the audience – including myself.

Each performance during the show captured a specific theme that had a perfect blend of choreographed movements and tempo, and it soon became quite clear that the dancers were in sync with the silent, yet powerful, spirit in the theater.

The dance troupe fed off of their own energy, making it hard to deny the feeling of celebration and appreciation for the diverse cultural heritage that was being presented that we often seemed to forget in today’s modern society.

When it comes to the music, you can expect a rendition of African beats fused with Caribbean flavor and old folk songs that take you back to the past and bring you back to current day.

The music commands your attention, fitting perfectly with the leaps, splits and twirls that are on display during the entire artistic presentation.

‘ATLANTIC CROSSING’ is the first program in the Peter London Global Dance Company’s international cultural dance exchange program.

The next performance will take place in Jamaica on Nov. 16, but if you can’t make the overseas trip, the group’s year-end performances are scheduled to be held at Miami’s Adrienne Arsht Center Dec. 28-30.