JACKSON, Tenn.- A popular Jackson radio personality is off the air after posting racially inflammatory and insulting comments on Facebook about President Barack Obama, the First Lady and the voters who reelected him to office.

Bill Way is the host of “It’s Your Turn” on Jackson, TN radio nstation WNWS-FM. He posted the comments on his personal Facebook page over the weekend.

Way posted the following on his Facebook page:

“A short message to Obama voters. To vote for him with a 9.2 unemployment rate, a [expletive] of Benghazi lies, $16,000,000,000 in debt and an Israeli war, [a derogatory reference to the sex scandal involving David Petraeus], a pimp walking prez married to cheetahs daughter … expect what you will most certainly get. Be bye medicare. Hello homeless … I love America except for the idiots.”

They were aimed at people who voted for President Barack Obama.

Way apologized on air on Monday. Station president Carlton Veirs then read a statement saying the station does not condone Way’s remarks. Veirs said management is discussing the comments and Way is taking a few days off.

Jackson-Madison County NAACP President Harrell Carter said it was irresponsible of someone in Way’s position to make such offensive comments.

“We’re asking for a change of direction and attitude from one of Jackson’s most famous and entertaining talk show hosts,” Carter said in a telephone interview. “It is unconscionable, the language he used for the president of the United States and the first lady.”

Carter worked at 101.5 FM for 11 years, ending his time with the station in February 2010. He said he knew everyone who worked there well.

“Mr. Way and I certainly have had our differences, but it’s always been basically respectful,” Carter said. “However, these types of statements cannot be condoned by anyone.”

Carter hoped that the station would react appropriately. He said Way also has a weekly television show on Charter Communications.

“We are genuinely surprised that the station which he works for and his sponsors will continue to support someone who creates animosity and racial hatred in our community,” he said. “This expression of course gives us the opportunity for an intelligent discussion about race and other differences in our community.”

*Compiled with excerpts from the Jackson Sun and Associated Press.