Generation One provides solutions that blacks can use to create generational wealth

While the black community continues to reel from injustices perpetrated by some police departments and other American institutions that seem to routinely disparage people of color, the economic status of African Americans becomes increasingly important; individually and collectively.

A film produced by the husband and wife power couple, Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, explores the ‘whys’ behind blacks’ economic struggles and offers solutions to make lasting change. With interviews  from economic and financial experts like Julianne Malveaux,  the film sends an urgent message for blacks to wake up to their ability to not only transform their financial status but to create generational wealth that benefits their children and their children’s children.

Generation One takes a hard look at the numbers, giving historical context to early wealth creation in the Black community. Additionally, some of the nation’s top financial experts weigh in on how Blacks fell behind, while offering surefire strategies that families can implement to begin building a strong financial legacy for generations to come.

The movie was created by the Tylers through their Tyler New Media production company; and has been screened in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Chicago; all of which sold out.

The Atlanta-based parents of four own and operate Black and Married with Kids, the largest independent African American marriage and parenting site on the web. Currently available on DVD, Generation One costs $20 and includes the Generational Wealth Pledge for Black Families which can be displayed as a reminder for black families to make wealthy choices.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-479-2695.