GOSPEL FITNESS: Ernie Tabuteau created Tabu Fitness to help people in his community learn to embrace a healthy lifestyle while also learning about the Gospel.


MIAMI – As a kid, Ernie Tabuteau rarely saw people working out in his neighborhood. The Haitian-American grew up in North Miami and said “maintaining a healthy lifestyle was not typically discussed. It was not unusual, however, to hear about diseases.”

Fast forward to his graduation from the University of South Florida, after which Tabuteau’s dream was to reach as many people about a healthy lifestyle. Unsure of how to approach it, Tabuteau went to God in prayer.

The result is Tabu Fitness, a Christian-based business that not only encourages people to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle but also focuses on spreading the Gospel. As a certified trainer, Tabuteau promotes family fitness via a kid’s fitness class during the evening session to keep parents from worrying about babysitting while they’re working out. The kid’s fitness aspect has opened doors to help the kids excel in all sports.

Unlike other fitness organizations that offer the same diet regiment and the mundane workout plans, Tabuteau said, “his program is uniquely different.”

Tabu Fitness helps clients to heal the mind, which is where true change begins. Secondly, it builds the individual’s confidence; important before they can even think of losing weight while being encouraged by the Gospel. And, for people who are looking for a cost-effective way to get fit, the company offers affordable large group classes.