louis_farrakhan.jpgROSEMONT, Ill. (AP) _ The Nation of Islam held its annual convention in Chicago this past weekend in its first major gathering since the election of a black U.S. president.

Having Barack Obama in power has a special significance for the Chicago-based movement that has espoused black nationalism and has fought for black self-reliance and power.

Sunday's keynote address by Minister Louis Farrakhan wrapped up the two-day event in the Chicago suburb of Rosemont.

References to the Obamas at the convention ranged from a session for women called the “Michelle Obama Effect'' to a fair where Obama memorabilia was sold.

The Nation of Islam religion has embraced black nationalism since it was founded in the '30s but it also has moved to include other groups including Latinos and Asians.

Pictured above is Minister Louis Farrakhan.