michael-ray_web.jpgJanuary 22 marked the 37th year since the U.S. Supreme Court declared abortion to be a constitutional right.   Many who support this decision describe themselves as pro-choice and “Christian.”  President Obama, former First Lady Laura Bush, Al Sharpton and the United Church of Christ are examples of such.  But can one be both pro-choice and a disciple of Jesus?  Are these two belief systems compatible?

The pro-choice philosophy insists abortion is morally acceptable because the unborn human being is not yet a “person.”  Pro-choice proponents reason that until birth, the developing human is merely the property of the mother and therefore can be aborted and disposed of at anytime, for any reason by her.  Hence, they conclude, the life of the unborn has no intrinsic value, and is undeserving of legal protection. 

The Christian philosophy stands in stark contrast.  It teaches that God does indeed recognize the unborn as persons and even knows them individually.  This is expressed by David as Psalm 139: 13-16: “You kept me screened off in the belly of my mother…Your eyes saw even the embryo of me.” 

Isaiah 49:1 similarly states: “Jehovah [the LORD] himself has called me even from the belly.  From the inward parts of my mother he has made mention of my name.” 

Hence, God makes no distinction between the born and unborn.  Killing a baby in utero is no different than killing one after birth.  Both violate the commandment: “You shall not murder.” (Deut. 5:17)

Science has vindicated the Bible, proving that human life begins in the womb at conception.  Anyone who has seen a sonogram knows this is true.   Hence, the various stages of life — embryo, fetus, infant, toddler, adolescent, adult – are all part of the same continuum, the life of a human being.  Our life did not begin at birth.  It began nine months prior. 

How then should government view abortion?   The pro-choice philosophy asserts the government is there to protect the “right” of abortion.  Christians expect it to protect the innocent and the right to live.  Governments are “God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad.” (Romans 13: 1-5)  Maintaining law and order, governors would be obligated to move against all violent crimes, including abortion.

The immorality of abortion is self-evident.  Jesus promoted a universal moral principle for distinguishing right from wrong: ‘Treat others the way you want them to treat you.’ (Matt. 7: 12)  Do you wish you had been aborted?  Then in no way can you support the abortion of others. 

Jesus declared:  “He that is not on my side is against me.” (Matthew 12:30)  Therefore, can someone be both Christian and pro-choice?  They cannot.  The two belief systems are irreconcilable.

Genuine Christians in no way support the act of abortion or its homicidal philosophy.  President Obama, L. Bush, Sharpton and the UCC could have been valuable allies in the fight for justice, but they have chosen to ignore God and the Bible, siding with the perpetrators of violence.

Isn’t it ironic that while they have been bestowed the gift of life, they now support laws which deny it to others.  This is evil. 

Jesus taught us the importance of caring for the least among us.  Though very young, the unborn are, in fact, our little brothers and sisters.  We should love and protect them. 
By so doing we honor God, demonstrate respect for life and salvage our collective moral conscience.

Christ’s teachings require it. God’s love compels it.  The life of the unborn should be valued by all, because, like us, they too are children of God.