thomas_masters_and_danny_glover_web_fc_1.jpgPalm Beach County officials rolled out the red carpet when esteemed actor and, human rights activist and humanitarian Danny Glover  made a one-day visit to the area to speak on health and wellness issues.

Glover spoke on Aug. 19 at the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Riviera Beach, where the pastor, Bishop Thomas Masters, is also the mayor of the predominantly black, waterfront city.

Thomas Masters proclaimed Danny Glover Day in the city and the actor was also presented a key to the city of neighboring West Palm Beach by Mayor Lois Frankel. U.S. Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Miramar, represented by an aide, proclaimed Danny Glover Day in the 23rd Congressional District.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Glover said after receiving the proclamations. “I’m literally speechless,” he told the crowd of about 300 gathered at the church.

Glover came to the area as part of his new role with EIRO Research, a Dallas-based nutritional company that markets nutritional products and offers individuals opportunities to increase their income through network marketing. 

The company announced in April that Glover was named spokesman. He said he joined the firm because he believed it was a reputable way to help people with their health and with their finances.

"This company addresses the issue of health. It allows us to be the architects of our health. It allows us to also be the architects of creating additional income in our lives.
All of us have been struggling at this point in time. I’m not immune to it. Members of my family have been struggling too,” Glover told the gathering.

Glover told the audience he always looked for ways for the black community to uplift itself and his philosophy was always helping others.

 “People are yearning for something pro-active to make their lives better, their dreams better,” he said. But, he said, he believed in being practical, too and EIRO Research was a practical solution.

“I found a company that wants you to be successful,” he said.

Glover said he investigated the company thoroughly before becoming involved.  He is an independent associate with EIRO Research, and also an ambassador.

EIRO Research des-cribed itself in a press release as a company that specializes in “the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of premium, properly formulated, nutritional, energy and weight management products.” 

Its products include a super antioxidant and energy drinks made of natural products Riviera Beach resident Lisa Coleman, a 37-year-old married mother of three, is on the same EIRO Research team as Glover and was instrumental in getting him to visit the area.
Coleman said after she lost her job as a human resources director in April, a minister told her about EIRO Research, and put her in touch with Rochelle Saulsberry, Glover’s bus-iness partner.

Saulsberry once owned an insurance agency, but wound up earning millions in the network marketing industry over the past 12 years. She is now a Senior Director with EIRO Research. Saulsberry took Coleman under her wings. “My business partners are very committed to my success,” Coleman said.

Coleman admitted she was skeptical about network marketing at first, as was her husband Reginald, but she was inspired by Glover’s association with the company, and by Saulsberry’s success. “I felt like for someone like Danny Glover to be in the business, it had to be a reputable company,” she explained. 

 She also surmised that if Saulsberry could have such success, so could she. Coleman and her husband said they believe they have the support to become successful in the venture.  They joined the company in April and said their experience thus far has been positive. They hope others will learn more about the opportunity.

Bo Short, founding partner of EIRO Research, is expected to speak in West Palm Beach in September about the company. Details will be forthcoming. Short said in a statement that he’s pleased Danny Glover has joined them. “I don’t think we could have found a better ambassador for EIRO Research,” he said.

Glover, whose esteemed career spans three decades, continues to work on stage and screen. He is perhaps best known for the Lethal Weapon series and for his outstanding performance in The Color Purple and many other roles.

He is also known as one of the greatest humanitarians of all time, championing numerous causes across the globe. He has received the BET Lifetime Achievement Award, among many other accolades.

For more information on EIRO Research, contact Lisa Coleman at 561-420-9348    or visit:


Pictured Above:  Mayor Thomas Masters, left,  and Danny Glover, right.