lucius-gantt_web.jpgHas Rush Limbaugh left America yet, or was his promise to leave just another drug-laced lie?

Racist and gay slurs, broken windows and broken promises were all part of the aftermath when Congress passed what has been called a health care reform bill.

Don’t take my word for it, but the main reason so many Ku Klux Klan members and American Nazis were upset with the health legislation is not because it is costly. The main reason for the legislative discord was the color of the guy whose name will be forever attached to it!

I know you don’t like for me to write like this, but it’s true.

If Glenn Beck or some other hater had endorsed health care reform, it would have been acceptable to holster wearers and gun-carrying hillbillies.

There will always be conflicts and confrontations and political, physical and verbal wars until America and the world get over their racial biases.

We will only be able to look at political and other issues with unbiased eyes when we judge the issues without judging the race of the issue’s proponents and opponents.

You know, when black people throw rocks and destroy property, their actions are called riots, civil unrest and disobedience, lawlessness and mayhem. But when conservative haters throw rocks, it is called a form of political protest.

Ethiopian legend Haile Selassie said it first, and Bob Marley sang about it later: These kinds of problems will be never ending because of racial hatred.

Until all Americans accept Barack Obama as president of all Americans, you will always have racist haters.

Throughout my life, I’ve had no problem recognizing and respecting all of the white United States presidents, even when some of them didn’t respect me or my ancestors.

So don’t look for Rush Limbaugh to move to Costa Rica. Don’t look for so-called tea partiers to stop carrying and displaying racist placards, and don’t look for the people whom black people love so much to love you back.   

Meanwhile, you probably know I’m not thrilled with the health care legislation that recently passed in Congress. But it is better than nothing.

I am happy that Obama didn’t cave in on health care, but I expect him to make the same push for bank regulation, to bring troops home from everywhere in the world, and to move forward on immigration reform.

I also expect him to make strides in education reform, job creation and other things that the people really need.

Lucius Gantt is a political consultant based in Tallahassee. He is also the founder of All World Consultants and author of the book, Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. Contact him at or call 850-222-3475. You can also find him on Facebook.