brittany-hopwood_web.jpgSo, rumor has it that a new iPhone is on the horizon, and the new capabilities will include more memory (as much as 32 GB), video chat, an auto focus camera, GPS, and an FM receiver. The possibility of a new design is the only thing that hasn’t been leaked yet, but there is speculation that a smaller, more durable screen is in the works.
Price is an issue. Analysts told The Wall Street Journal that Apple is expected to cut the price. It could be slashed from the current $200 down to either $149, or even as low as $99, they say.

But why would anyone who already owns an iPhone need to get the new one? The possibility of a real change in the appearance of the new phone and a lot of new features is slim, so there is no need to go rushing out to get it when it won’t even be that different from what you already have.

Now, if you have something really outdated like a razor then I can see the need to get the latest technology, but it doesn’t have to be the new iPhone, especially when it seems like the company is in a transitory state from one version of the iPhone to the next. Considering the possible features and the lack of a truly new design instead of a possible black matte finish, I don’t find the iPhone to be worth the money that it is inevitably going to cost me to keep up with the trend.

Everyone is working hard to get food on the table including cell-phone companies, so that means they will always be producing the next-best thing months after their last next-best thing. It’s the never-ending consumer cycle, and it’s being exploited.

I say this because I know that no matter what I say someone will look at their current iPhone and think they need the new one because it will have more space (even as theirs isn’t full yet), it will have a better camera, and it’ll be sleeker and more stylish (even though they can buy a skin for the phone so that it has their personal style).

I think in this day and age we should be concerned with saving money, not spending it, and I think this is a situation where conserving is the better option.

Brittany Hopwood, 18, of Lauderhill, is a senior at the University of South Florida in Tampa. She is also a summer intern at the South Florida Times.