elginjones3web.gifMINORITY JUDGES OUSTED
Several minority judges appointed to the bench by former Gov. Jeb Bush and Gov. Charlie Crist fell to defeat in last week’s elections. The losses are prompting speculation that black and Hispanic judges are being targeted. They are: County Court Judge Julio Gonzalez, who lost to civil attorney Ellen Feld; County Court Judge Catalina Avalos, who was beaten by Ian Richards, an immigration attorney. Then there are Circuit Court Judge Pedro Dijols, who lost to Bernard Isaac “Bernie” Bober, a public defender; and Mardi Anne Levey, a prosecutor now in private practice, who is also the wife of Circuit Court Judge Dale Cohen. Bober and Cohen will face each other in a run-off in November. Richards is black, but there are still rumblings that the minority judges, most of whom were appointed by Republican governors, will face challengers when their terms are up. Keep an eye on this issue. It is getting nasty.

Florida regulators have rejected State Farm Insurance’s request to increase the rates for homeowners’ property coverage by 47.1 percent. The Office of Insurance Regulation said State Farm has failed to justify the astounding rate increase. The company can request an administrative hearing and is prohibited from increasing rates on its more than one million policyholders without state approval.

West Park City Manager Russell Benford has confirmed the town has completed the installation of more than $10,000 worth of surveillance cameras in Mary Saunders Park. The equipment will keep an eye on the hoodlums and other degenerates who use the park as a hub for crime, drugs and violence.

Horacio Salguero, 34, remains hospitalized after stabbing his wife, Delia Castillo, 33, to death, and then attempting to commit suicide by stabbing himself, according to Fort Lauderdale police. The stabbings happened after the two had a dispute this week. The incident happened at the couple’s apartment. No other details were immediately released.


Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared at a campaign event in Deerfield Beach this week, at the request of the Century Village Democratic Club. Good for them, but considering the racial makeup in South Florida, when has any member of a presidential ticket visited any of the numerous black Democratic Clubs?

Notwithstanding the write-in clowns installed in certain races, all of the candidates who ran for public office should be commended. There are many, and some deserve special recognition. They include: Wiley Thompson, who ran for sheriff, Ronald Fryer, who competed for the Pompano Beach City Commission seat vacated by E. Pat Larkins, and Eric Hammond, who sought a state house seat.  While these candidates did not win, it’s clear that the black community is in dire need of a new generation of leadership. These people attempted to answer the call. We need more of this, because every politician should come to know that if they do not perform, there is someone else willing to take their place.

Lauderhill police arrested 26-year-old Allen Rosario on aggravated child abuse charges. He has also been charged with murder. Police say Rosario was watching his girlfriend’s 10-month-old son, when he took him to the hospital, claiming that the child had fallen. The infant was not breathing and had no pulse. After an examination, doctors concluded that the baby’s condition was caused by violent shaking, not a fall. Police were called, and the infant was transported to another hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The uppity little town of Highland Beach in Palm Beach County, just north of Boca Raton on the ocean, has once again found a way to delay the opening of Milani Park, a public beachfront park that is owned by, and will be operated by, Palm Beach County. After more than 20 years of wrangling, town officials tabled a vote that would issue a permit so the park could open. Council members also announced plans to implement swimming and parking restrictions on any visitors who use the park. In 1987, the county purchased 5.6 acres located near Spanish River Boulevard for $3.9 million to create more public beach access. There will also be parking and restroom facilities, and the county is providing lifeguards, parking attendants, park rangers and sheriff's deputies at the site. Residents are still opposed to it. Well, this is nothing more than a long-term effort to keep blacks and other minorities away from those beaches, plain and simple. Maybe I need to get some chicken gizzards and ribs and start holding barbecues on those beaches. That should wake them up.

Once again, we had several deaths related to a storm at local beaches, and this is getting to be intolerable. Instead of closing beaches during such time, the powers that be appear to be more concerned with tourist dollars than safety. Bradley Perleberg, 41, and Terry Ann Perleberg, 45, a couple from North Dakota, went for a swim in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea as rip currents from Hurricane Gustav churned area beaches. Their bodies were discovered a short time later. This is just one example of many. Closing beaches during turbulent times should be a serious consideration, plus it could save lives.

In separate incidents, two packages of marijuana totaling 31 pounds were found on beaches in Palm Beach County this week. Authorities say the drugs, which were wrapped in plastic and secured with duct tape, have a street value of $31,000. The packages were found by beachgoers in the town of Palm Beach and in Lake Worth. The beachgoers called police and turned in the drugs.

Police are continuing their search for the man who walked up to the porch of 46-year-old Arthur Robinson and shot him to death. The incident happened Aug. 29, just before midnight at Robinson's home in the 1600 block of Northwest 25th Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. The shooter is believed to be a young, black male, but few other details have emerged. Anyone with information is urged call Crime Stoppers, anonymously, at 954-493-8477.

Bill McCollum is turning out to be the most aggressive Florida Attorney General on behalf of consumers in Florida’s history. His recent $150,000 settlement with Comcast Cable Communications is just one of many examples. In the Comcast matter, the company was limiting the amount of time and/or bandwidths subscribers could use on the Internet without ever informing them of the specific limitations. The Attorney General's Economic Crimes Division began investigating Comcast over allegations that customers would get a warning about excessive use, and then have their high-speed Internet service suspended. The company acknowledged that customers who exceeded the limits twice within six months would have their service suspended for a year.

Don’t look now, but there is yet another scandal brewing in Deerfield Beach city hall. This time, it involves overtime pay in several departments, including Public Works. Deerfield has been consumed with questionable salary issues that continue to surface, dating back to the days of former City Manager Larry Deetjen. With that said, it is time to bring everything out in the open, once and for all, because it’s a mess! Stay tuned, because there is a lot that will be coming out.