alexis_caputo_w_2.jpgWith Unnecessary Noise Prohibited, her first CD release, multi-disciplinary artist Alexis Caputo informs listeners who are unaware about the plight of women. Unnecessary Noise Prohibited is part of a larger collection of Caputo’s work entitled Afro Diaries; a portfolio of Caputo’s solo and collaborative performances that also include Spit Boxing, The Waiting Room, The Lynching Eye, Raw Footage, SOULED OUT, Truths Carved from the Belly, Woman of the Drum, The Proud Pilgrim and Deconstruction & Deliverance.

A compilation album of spoken word poetry set against a backdrop of a variety of beats, Unnecessary Noise Prohibited is meant to give a voice to all women.

From her first verbal moment, Caputo looses a lyrical assault that beats the listener into the truth. This is evident on the first track, Poetic Funk, which sounds a little too uptight to score a knockout.

Caputo’s poetry on this album is honest, sincere and in your face. She strips down and allows the listener to see all of her vulnerabilities without being shy about it. The artist delivers in such a way that the listener feels it is not just Caputo’s story that is being told, but the listener’s own story, or mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s or wife’s.

In the song Revolution Prescription, Caputo’s words are dynamic. She does not lay out a clearly formulated plan for how to carry out the revolution, however, giving voice only to the reasons why there should be one.

Continuing with her theme of injustices that women face, Caputo seeks to educate with Authors of Rape. This poem delves into the way women are too often treated with disrespect and looked on by men as sex objects.

Caputo says for the guy it is just sex, “another notch on his belt,” a causal relationship. In the poem she delves into it being more than just sex; that it is not just the mistreatment of women, but the comments, looks and sexist behavior by men toward women that can be seen as a form of rape.

Love Causality is an ode to love, a real love. It tells a story of a love that has hope, obstacles, failure, triumph and determination, characteristics that make up real relationships, so much so that the listener can walk away feeling Caputo is somewhat obsessed with love.

Other spoken word poems on the album include Gun Shot, Bondage Enthusiast, Measures Unknown, Red Roses, Feathers & Fish, Censorship and Sisters of the Overpass.

While the album speaks of the wrongs done to women, it would be nice to hear praises and celebration of the accomplishments of women and less of the underlying anger that permeates the album.

Overall, Unnecessary Noise Prohibited is a good first try at a spoken word album. Maybe for her sophomore effort, Caputo can let go of some of the anger.

Unnecessary Noise Prohibited can be purchased for $15 via Paypal at A percentage of the sales helps offset the cost of the artist facilitating Arts, Cultural and Literacy workshops for impoverished youth.

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*Pictured above is Alexis Caputo.