ron_blake_web.jpgWEST PALM BEACH — The world-renowned Juilliard School partnered with the Middle School of the Arts (MSOA) Foundation at Bak for a Jazz Residency in June of 2011.


In response to the program’s success, Juilliard is repeating, and expanding its programming at the award-winning Bak MSOA.

In November of 2011 Juilliard’s TOOMAI quintet offered a Strings Residency at Bak MSOA providing participants with small group instruction, sessions on technique, performance components and a Q&A session for both parents and students on problem solving,  chamber dynamics,  professionalism, etiquette,  auditioning  and avenues of opportunity. The Strings Residency was facilitated by Bak Strings Teacher Nancy Beebe.

Juilliard is currently repeating and expanding on last summer’s successful Jazz Residency at Bak. Two separate one-week programs offer Jazz students weeklong residencies based on skill level. The Jazz Residency was facilitated by Bak Band Director Cleve Maloon and program instructors include Ron Blake and Carl Allen.

Bak MSOA offers arts concentrations in eight art areas: Band, Communications, Dance, Keyboard, Strings, Theatre, Visual arts and Vocal Music. The foundation’s goal is to raise support for quality programs of this caliber in all art areas.

Juilliard’s residencies at Bak MSOA were made possible by donations to the Middle School of the Arts Foundation. Oxbow Corporation, a long time and generous supporter of the MSOA Foundation at Bak contributed $20,000.00 in program support. Additional donations are needed.

To donate, or with questions contact Executive Director Jody Dragon, 561-882-3828, email or visit

Photo: Ron Blake