haiti-flag_1_web.jpgStanton Memorial Baptist is hosting a benefit concert at North Miami Senior High School at 6: 30 p.m., Sunday, Jan. 12 to raise money to purchase a home for Haitian orphans.  Hope for Haiti: Delmas 33 Haiti Orphanage Benefit Concert will feature the renowned “Echoes of Praise,” Stanton Memorial’s choir and other local choirs and dance ministries.

Since April 2010, North Miami’s Stanton Memorial Baptist Church has been raising funds to help permanently house 55 orphaned children in the Delmas area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The need arose after the January 2010 devastating earthquake that hit Haiti. 

During an April 2010 mission trip to Haiti, it was discovered that a Baptist church in Delmas 33 led by Pastor Elise Thimote and his wife Eveline Thimote, took on the challenge of caring for these 55 orphaned children.  With limited resources, the church found a way to house the children in small tents and in an abandoned bus, a statement said.

Stanton Memorial Baptist Church members then prayed about this immediate need and were led to raise funds to purchase a large house that would be suitable for 55 orphaned children.  To date, Stanton Memorial Baptist Church has raised more than $140,000 to purchase a large house that is priced at $225,000 in Delmas 33.

This two-story house has five complete apartments that have a total of 10 bedrooms, five bathrooms, five kitchens, five dining room areas, five living room areas, totaling 5,000 square feet of livable space. Currently, Stanton Memorial is renting a three-bedroom, two-bath house close by to temporarily house some of the orphaned children and the remaining children stay with some members of the church in Delmas 33.