tyrone_ash_web.jpgMuhammad Ali, the greatest boxer, used this strategy in his fight to win the heavyweight championship belt:  He lay on the ropes of the ring for most of the fight.

He took the blows of a bigger and stronger opponent.

At a certain point in the fight, Ali began boxing.  His opponent  was tired and fell to the canvas of the ring from the powerful punches Ali connected to the head.

That is the “Rope-A-Dope” strategy and it is the same one the Republican Party is using during this election cycle.

What do I mean?

In 2010, the Republican Party gained control of the U. S. House of Representatives and many state governments with the slogan, “We will create jobs for Americans.” No jobs were created.  Instead, these lawmakers created and passed laws restricting the rights of women and choice over their bodies.

The Republicans passed laws which make voting in America more difficult for millions of citizens. 

In light of this record, why would anyone vote for Republicans?

Here is where the “Rope-A-Dope” strategy comes into play.  Since no one should vote for the Republicans, you do not need to go the polls and cast your vote.  Wrong! 

The strategy is for everyone who believes in justice, equality, fairness in financial matters and in a diverse America to think that there is no way this party will be elected, therefore, as a voter you do not vote, depending on everyone else’s vote to make sure the Republicans are defeated because there is no way the Republicans can be elected. America would not let that happen. 

A result of the strategy, the voter does not vote. 

Multiply this voter by thousands and add the number of citizens who are unable to vote because they lack a photo identification card and the opportunity for Republicans to be elected becomes real.  Voters did not vote believing other Americans would make sure the Republicans were defeated.

The main focus of this strategy is for the Republicans to win the 2012 election cycle by way of people not casting their vote. 

The purpose of the “Rope-A-Dope” strategy is to lull your opponent into a false sense of winning by absorbing all of their best punches.

Democratic and Independent voters have been lulled into a sense of winning the election because of the negative news coverage of the Republican Party and its representatives on women rights, voter identification cards, immigration, abortion, marriage equality, making public employees the problem with the economy, and being in favor of laws to protect the “one percent.”

This is a clear example of the party lying on the ropes and taking the best punches of their opponents.

But beware of the knockout blows that are coming.

One of them is the Republican Party being in favor of saving Medicare.  This party has never believed in Medicare or a social safety net for Americans, even though members of their families use these programs.

Yet, the Republicans are stating they are more capable of saving Medicare than anyone else and that the Obama administration is destroying Medicare. These statements sound like 2010, when they talked about creating jobs for Americans.

So, beware of the “Rope-A-Dope” strategy of the Republican Party.  They have shown their ability to tell the public what they want to hear but when they get elected, they only do for themselves and their own.

This is a clarion call to all eligible voters, Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Get out and vote for your benefit. Make your vote count.

Tyrone A. Ash is the founder of the “Consciousness Movement. He may be reached at 954-854-9216 or thestorygrandpatold.com