The Black Eyed Peas have partnered exclusively with Target stores for a special edition of their new album The E.N.D.

Released on June 9, the CD is loaded with bonus content that can only be found at Target, such as special remixes, DVD features, and four exclusive songs.

The E.N.D., which stands for The Energy Never Dies, features a new sound for the band inspired by the underground party scenes from different clubs around the world.

But while the CD is packed with dance-all-night beats and electric, rock-infused flavor, group member says that the music has more to say.

“[It’s a] celebration that change is happening… It’s the end of the traditional era of how we experience and consume music and media,’’ he said. “It’s the end of the stereotype that we could never have a black president. It’s the end of the usual ways of receiving information. But it’s also the beginning of a whole new cultural birth…”

This universal thread has launched the group’s new single, “Boom Boom Pow” to the top of the charts for several weeks now. The collaboration with Target allows the band and store chain to put together a sort of gift for the fans as a “thank you’’ for all the love and support they’ve given over the years, promoters say.

“Our joint venture with The Black Eyed Peas comes at a time when everyone is paying attention to their budget and the importance of value,” said Mark Schindele, senior vice president of  merchandising for Target, in a prepared statement. “With this exciting music partnership, we are thrilled to offer our guests extra music and video content that can only be found at Target for an affordable price.”

The two-disc set sells on for $9.98.

The exclusive material is not available for download, though the disc set is available on order from

This might deter some fans as they prefer to download music themselves. But for true Black Eyed Peas fans, this deluxe edition of the album is a solid addition to the collection.

The Target exclusive deluxe version of The E.N.D., which marks The Black Eye Peas fifth studio album, features, in addition to the national-version tracks, the following exclusive songs:

Four New Songs:

• Where Ya Wanna Go
• Simple Little Melody
• Mare
• Don't Bring Me Down

Six Remixed Hits:
• Pump It Harder
• Let's Get Re-Started
• Shut The Phunk Up
• Thats The Joint
• Another Weekend
• Dont Phunk Around