thekaylachronicles.jpgParents looking for material for their teenagers to read can delight in the new novel The Kayla Chronicles, written by South Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist Sherri Winston.

The 188-page book is about 14-year old Mikayla Alicia Dean, who stands in the shadows of her best friend Rosalie Renée Hunter.

Both teens are feminists, and they set out to prove that the Lady Lions dance group at their school discriminates against girls with small chests.

Determined to prove their case, Mikayla, nicknamed Kayla, tries out for the squad and actually becomes one of the dancing divas. That’s when the drama begins.

Teenagers will get a kick out of reading this book, as it is scripted just as youngsters speak. It is fun to read and filled with unique Kayla-isms such as crunktacular, blind-sexy and funktivity. Teens wanting their fill of more wacky terms can consult the glossary in the back of the book.

The Kayla Chronicles
is an inspirational novel for those teens in need of individualism – those who are trying to find their way, but find a so-called friend standing in their path of progress.

This book highlights a parent’s desire for their child to lead, not “follow the leader.” It is a testament that children who are surrounded by confident, positive figures, will eventually mirror the images that help shape their lives.

The Kayla Chronicles
is an easy read with a strong message to young teens – stand on your own two feet!

$16.99, 188 p. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers