Broward Health is in the midst of its annual orthopedics campaign but this year the healthcare network is offering new insights into orthopedics and sports medicine with the help of its Skeleton Crew.

This team of orthopedic and sports medicine physicians is discussing a variety of ailments, from spine to toe, through a month-long lecture series and “Ask the Experts” email program.

“Ask the Experts” gives the community a chance to email Broward Health’s orthopedic and sports medicine experts their questions.

Sharn Pisterna, one of the first to contact “Ask the Experts,”quickly received an answer from Dr. Ashish Sahai of Broward Health North Broward Medical Center. 

“I have had chronic low back pain for two years and found it difficult to get answers to all of the

questions I had. How nice to be able ask an orthopedic expert their opinion, without having to schedule a visit beforehand. Within two days Dr. Sahai replied with a detailed email, which helped me decide my next course of action,” Pisterna said.

The Skeleton Crew is hosting nearly 30 lectures throughout January at all Broward Health’s medical centers.  From aching backs to joint replacements, physicians will speak on a variety of topics pertaining to orthopedics and sports medicine.  For a list of the lectures, visit  

For more information about the Skeleton Crew, orthopedic lectures and the “Ask the Experts” email program, visit

In other news from Broward Health, the North Broward Medical Center is offering interventional cardiology services in its cardiac catheterization lab to treat patients who are having heart attacks. Interventional cardiology allows physicians to diagnose blockages to blood vessels in the heart and also open the vessels that pose critical and potentially life threatening risks. 

The addition of interventional cardiology means that residents suffering heart attacks can now be transported by ambulance directly to the hospital, Broward Health said in a statement. Previously, patients being transported by EMS had to bypass the hospital and travel a greater distance. 

“The addition of this service makes it possible for EMS to bring emergency heart attack patients to BHNBMC, allowing for a faster diagnosis and treatment, preventing additional heart muscle damage,” said Dr. Andre Landau, medical director of interventional cardiology.