albury_burrows_web.jpgBroward Sheriff’s Office Deputy Albury Burrows, 40, has been arrested and charged with the theft of $1,220 during a drug bust in Pompano Beach.

An Internal Affairs investigation dating back to Dec. 5, 2009, led to Burrow's arrest, a BSO statement said.

Deputies were called to an apartment where the manager discovered pot plants were being grown inside of a unit at 1371 NW 18th Drive, Pompano Beach.

Burrows led the Selective Enforcement Team that entered the property. The tenant, Everett Leon, was arrested and $2,452 in cash was taken from his pockets and counted in front of Leon and two deputies.

When Burrows arrived at the apartment a short time later and advised of the cash found on Leon, he sent the other deputies away and took control of the crime scene, leaving him alone with the cash.

A sergeant arrived on the scene a short while later and he also counted the cash, but this time it amounted to $1,232. An investigation began and it was determined only Burrows could have taken the money.

He was called into the Internal Affairs office on Tuesday, Oct. 26, and arrested. He is suspended without pay.He is charged with grand theft and he was booked and released on $1,000 bail.

Pictured: Albury Burrows