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FORT LAUDERDALE- A Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) community service aide has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an unspecified investigation. Sources, however, say it surrounds a cell phone audio recording that a deputy made of a Feb. 15, 2012 traffic stop of that employee.

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Community Service Aide Anthony Vincent was summoned to BSO's Internal Affairs Division this morning, where he was suspended with pay indefinitely.

Vincent could not be reached for comment and his attorney Louis Fishman did not return calls. But Jim Leljedal, director of media relation for the Broward Sheriff's Office confirmed the suspension.

Nonetheless, it has been learned that Vincent is officially under investigation for allegedly violating BSO policies related to internal affairs investigations and insubordination.

However, the South Florida Times has confirmed that the investigation is related to allegations that Vincent provided a copy of the cell phone audio recording to Southwest Ranches officials.

“He lives in my district and came to me with some concerns. I arranged for him to meet with the (town) administrator,” Southwest Ranches Vice-Mayor Doug McKay confirmed. “I arranged the meeting and turned (the audio) it over to him.”

The specifics of Vincent's "concerns" remain unclarified, but McKay said the meeting took place last weekend and it was his understanding that town administrator Andy Berns was evaluating the issues and would then submit his findings.

Bern could not immediately be reached for comment, but McKay also said BSO Internal Affairs Sgt. Timothy Irvin took a statement from him about it on Wednesday, at his business office.

The recording in question was made by Deputy Robert Aspuru on Feb. 15, 2012. He and Corporal Jose Saud were conducting a traffic operation when they flagged Vincent and accused him of speeding.

Vincent, who is gay, disputed that he was speeding and alleged he was being harassed because of his sexual orientation. The audio captures Vincent using profanity towards Aspuru and Saud.

But it also captured Aspuru and Saud's commander, Lt. Wallace Haywood, using profanity and derogatory terms to describe Vincent, but not in his presence.

The details were first reported in an exclusive South Florida Times story published on June 20, 2012.


*Pictured above is Broward Sheriff's office community service aide Anthony Vincent.


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