gregg-mason_web.jpgBringing together families, relatives, friends and neighbors to commemorate the life and death of a loved one. Our funeral home and its caring staff are here to serve you, as we would be served, during the period in which God has called your loved one home for eternal rest.

GREGG L. MASON: Funeral director in charge/embalmer; Harrisburg (Ill.)High School, 1974; Southern Illinois University, Mortuary Science degree, 1976.

Memberships in National Morticians Association, Florida Morticians Association, Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. First Regional District of FMA Inc. Mortician of the Year, 1995; past president of Collegians Club; past treasurer of King of Clubs of Greater Miami.

Company mission: To invest a secure and immaculate beauty in our every act, tempering each kindly deed with solemn dignity, each final tribute with comfort and peace.

These tenets form our unswerving code – serene beauty, ultimate completeness, honesty, integrity and service to all. This creed we hold sacred to the memory of Ernest A. Griffin, funeral director, and M. Athalie Range, funeral director.

Contact: Located at 10936 N.E. Sixth Ave., Miami Shores. Call 305-757-9000, email or visit

Best thing about my work: After 18 years of business, one of our biggest achievements is becoming a “rainbow” funeral home, serving many cultures.

Philosophy: Satisfying families during difficult times.