michelle_obama_7.jpegBURBANK, California — Michelle Obama is headed back to Jay Leno's stage. NBC has announced that the First Lady will appear on The Tonight Show on Jan. 31.

But has she already been upstaged by the First Husband?

President Obama demonstrated who might wear the pipes in the White House when he sang a bit of the Al Green classic “Let’s Stay Together” during a Jan. 19  fundraiser at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem.

He handled his business so well that, among the obviously partisan crowd, and others who have watched and listened online, there have been suggestions that he might have another career option when he leaves the White House — though they prefer that not happened for at least four more years.

Mrs. Obama was a guest on Leno’s program in 2008 when her husband was a candidate. She also appeared in 2009 via satellite hookup from the White House on The Jay Leno Show, the host's perch before returning to The Tonight Show.

During her upcoming appearance, she is expected to talk about life in the White House, her fitness initiative for children and her upcoming book about the White House kitchen garden.

But now…She’s gotta sing, right?


Photo: Al Green