calibe-couch_web.jpgIt’s very difficult to remain seated when the pulsing beat of Hey DJ bursts through the speakers. That’s just the way Calibe, a Jamaican native who now makes her home in Miami, wants it. The cocoa brown beauty with waist length dreads has a game plan for achieving some pretty lofty dreams, which include “traveling the world performing music.”

She is definitely on her way, having already been featured on two major tours: the Back to Basics tour and the Tropical Storm with Beanie Man, which included shows in Europe, Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. 

“I was featured on the Tropical Storm album for Beanie Man. That’s the one he had Janet Jackson on. I ended up touring with him because they needed somebody to represent Janet,” Calibe said of the extensive, two year performance schedule.

For an artist without a full-length CD, Calibe can be heard everywhere. There’s the infectious Great Day with rapper Ice Cube, One Day with Kymani Marley and It’s My Birthday, which she said, “got a whole lot of play on Power 96.”

After she sings an unsolicited snippet of the chorus during a telephone interview, it’s easy to see Calibe achieving her “ultimate dream” which is to sing “on stage at the World Music Awards with the whole world singing along to a song I wrote and recorded. That's my version of euphoria.”

If for some very unlikely reason Calibe does not achieve her musical dreams, she has a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Jamaica’s University of Technology to fall back on.

Although she has not put her training and degree to work, she does infuse her penchant for interior design into her music and videos.

“Anything to do with art and creativity and I write all the music. I still do some design and crafty stuff,” she said.

The 26-year old also brings a refreshing dose of femininity to an industry teeming with what she calls “overt sexual nature.”

She said it’s possible to be sexy without being vulgar or too revealing.

“I don’t mind being a little playful, a little sexy. I like being womanly and being attractive…without so much of the flesh peddling that goes on nowadays.”