DELRAY BEACH — Carver Community Middle School (CCMS) and the City of Delray Beach began celebrating Florida City Government by proclaiming October as Florida City Government Month. This year the city expanded its award-winning civics education to include a new program that teaches middle school students about the importance of water conservation through an understanding of the city’s water and wastewater operations.

The new water conservation program included presentations from city staff to 100 CCMS students as well as a field trip to the city’s Water Treatment Facility and the South Central Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant.

The students were provided with a hands-on opportunity to see both plants in action and how they can protect/conserve our water resources.  They learned how each facility operated, including the various types (and cost) of equipment used, the experience and education necessary to work in this field and how water is collected from the earth, treated and tested before being distributed to drink.  Additionally, the students were educated how water, after it is used, is collected, treated and safely returned to the earth to recharge the aquifer.

Following the field trip the students were encouraged to participate in the “Delray Beach Water Conservation Poster Contest” and created art posters on water conservation, which were evaluated by the city’s Art Board. Selected art works will be converted into glass panels and displayed in bus shelters around Delray Beach.

Students also wrote articles that will be featured in city water bills, reaching more than 25,000 residents. Additionally, the students wrote news articles educating the public on the importance of water conservation. Selected articles will be published in the city’s monthly newsletter, included in more than 21,000 residential and business utility bills.

During a City Commission meeting on Dec. 6, participating students were recognized for their efforts in promoting water conservation and received a personalized proclamation from the mayor and commission.