magic_web.jpgCORAL GABLES — Clear Health Alliance (CHA), an HIV/AIDS Medicaid specialty plan offered by Simply Healthcare Plans, has received approval from the Agency for Health Care Administration to expand its medical services from Miami-Dade to Broward County.

“Clear Health’s approval to expand access into Broward is critically important for individuals living with HIV and AIDS,” said Marianne Finizio, executive vice president. “Our expertise and knowledge of Medicaid and Medicare, and our ability to coordinate the medical care, social, and behavioral health care needs of HIV and AIDS individuals, meets the increasing demand for services from this population, especially in urban communities.”

Broward County ranks second in the nation for new AIDS cases per capita behind Miami-Dade which ranks first. Palm Beach County ranks sixth in new AIDS cases. Florida ranks third in the nation for the number of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Clear Health Alliance works with multiple community partners and is affiliated with Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, chairman of Magic Johnson Enterprises (MJE), who provides strategic advice for developing innovative healthcare programs in underserved urban communities to patients living with HIV/AIDS.

The company’s longterm goals include expanding to other cities in Florida and nationwide.
Approximately $29 billion is spent annually in the U.S. on HIV/AIDS, with half of all treatments financed by federal and state governments through Medicaid and Medicare.

Clear Health Alliance, an HIV/AIDS Medicaid Health Plan offered by Simply Healthcare, includes an array of benefits and services and care coordination for individuals with HIV/AIDS.

In addition to regular Medicaid benefits such as prescription drugs and doctor visits, members receive non-emergency transportation, adult dental care, over-the-counter medications and supplies, eyeglasses and vision care, home delivered meals and nutritional counseling.

Access to community resources such as support groups and social services is available. Family members enrolled in the Medicaid program are also eligible to participate in the plan’s extensive network of physicians providing quality medical care, even if they do not have HIV/AIDS.

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