lucius_gantt_1.jpgConservative news pundits and reactionary Tea Party Republicans are quick to say that voting results in the 2010 elections were a mandate and, accordingly, the people have spoken.

Well, “the people” are not just the 10, 20 or 30 percent of registered voters who went to the polls to cast votes for one mudslinger over another. When you run for public office and win, you are supposed to represent everybody.  You are supposed to cast votes for everybody.

The vast and overwhelming number of American citizens didn’t vote at all. Inmates didn’t vote and America has more people in prison than any other so-called civilized country. Children didn’t vote and there are more children in American than there are political party members.

And people that are tired of the tricks, traps and political lies refused to go the voting booth and cast ballots for politicians they didn’t trust.

Things are not the way they are in America because of coincidence. There has always been a plan to make the rich richer and the poor poorer all over the world.

Politicians vote on legislation or make laws, so to speak. But the people have been misled, bamboozled and conned into thinking that “the law” is The Law.

The “law” is whatever the people in power say it is. Laws in each country are different. Some of the things you can do in Africa you can't do in America and vice versa.

We are always told that we should obey the “law of the land” but people in power obey the law of the water.

Simply speaking, the law of the water is the same everywhere on earth and says money is money, gold is gold and so on and so forth, no matter where you are.

You like to march on Congress and petition the courts about unjust laws but Congress and the courts are primarily concerned about who will get the money or what the money can buy.

If you remember, Civil Rights legislation moved slower when non-violent marches, sit-ins and protests took place, but things turned much more quickly when white businesses started to burn down in riot-torn inner cities.

The banking empire that controls the world and the world’s money has been in business for centuries. The players have changed but not the game.

Banking, as it is known today, was sort of set up by the Knights of Templar, a “secret society” that some say is distantly related to modern-day Masonic groups.

The society that nerds and Internet junkies like is the Illuminati. And, no, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Nas are not members of the group, can’t get near a meeting of the group and perhaps can’t even spell “Illuminati.”

Yes, what’s going on in Washington, D.C., is not about “Obamacare,” not about reduced spending and not even about education.

Politicians are in Washington to divide tax dollars and to protect the fortunes of the super-wealthy.

When conservative politicians and newscasters tell you that “the people” have spoken, it is not true. They both are speaking with forked tongues. The masses of people haven't said a word.

Are Congressional chambers and courtrooms designed and laid out like Masonic lodges or is it the other way around? I’m just saying.

Lucius Gantt is a consultant based in Tallahassee. He may be reached at