xbox-_web.jpgSTATEPOINT – Gaming has never been more engaging, more realistic, or had as many options as it does today. And this holiday season, gaming is experiencing a renaissance that is a long cry from the days of the 8-bit Atari. Additionally, highly-anticipated titles are emerging that are so realistic that it’ll make you do a double-take.

With all of this excitement around gaming, make sure the gamer in your life doesn’t miss out!  Keep an eye out for these exciting holiday gifts:


The new XBOX One and PlayStation 4 have hit shelves just in time for the holidays. Each has exclusive game franchises as well as vastly superior hardware, software and usage policies than their previous versions. It is an expensive investment but no serious gamer will want to be the one playing with an outdated system.


While playing games like Madden NFL 25 or Call of Duty: Ghosts are thought to be best on a big-screen TV, there are ways to make the experience even better. One way to achieve that is by using a projector, such as Casio’s SLIM series of projectors.

A new projector coupled with a new gaming system can be more fun to play, as well as more efficient to run. A SLIM projector offers sharp imagery and adjustable brightness. And the Laser & LED Hybrid light source means minimal power consumption for gamers, lasting 20,000 hours, which is 10 times longer than a mercury lamp.


Some of the most highly anticipated games are coming out right around the holidays, and there will probably be a wait to get some of the most popular ones. Call of Duty: Ghosts looks to be one of the hottest games this season. What a perfect game to up the playing experience, with a Casio SLIM projector you can project up to 300 inches diagonally and have four players playing simultaneously. NBA 2K14 is also garnering rave reviews, with many new features and superstar LeBron James on the cover. Sports fans everywhere will be playing this game throughout the season.