COLUMBed_fitzgerald_and_eric_kearney.jpgUS, Ohio (AP) – A Democrat vying to be Ohio's lieutenant governor has detailed for reporters roughly $700,000 in outstanding state and federal tax liens owed by him, his wife and their Cincinnati business.

In a nearly two-hour media teleconference Wednesday, state Sen. Eric Kearney vowed the debts would not force him from the 2014 statewide ticket alongside Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald.

Kearney blamed the debts largely on a downturn in the newspaper industry that has affected KGL Media, a publisher of black publications including the Cincinnati Herald.

He said they are steadily being paid down.

Successive revelations about Kearney's finances have complicated his party's hopes of unseating Republican Gov. John Kasich next year.

Kearney said the debts aren't a disqualifier and will be familiar to many Ohio voters.