lucius_gantt_1.jpgRepublican Party members on the national, state and local levels are launching all-out attacks on voters, voters’ rights and voting laws.  

The devilish plots to disenfranchise voters are an attempt to change the electoral process to ensure future victories by puppets of the military, industrial and commercial complex.

By the time of the 2012 elections, voting dates will be changed, voter registration procedures will be changed, absentee voting processes will be changed and, if they have their way, voting numbers will be changed.

Passing laws that will benefit incumbent elected officials and assist one political party or another is nothing new. Democrats have done it, too. However, this current effort to change voting laws and voting outcomes is nothing less than massive.

Let's see. If you change residency requirements for voting registration, whom does that impact? Students. And guess which party most students voted for.

If you change times and requirements for early voting, whom does that impact? These law changes affect every voter by making voting less convenient.

If you change voter identification requirements and residency requirements, it would also result in less voting and lower turnouts and mute the voices of millions of potential voters.

But God works in mysterious ways.

The GOP attack on the current voting system is a rush to judgment that may resemble a double-edged sword and cut both ways.

Instead of helping to elect more Republicans by changing voting laws, Republicans may end up hurting themselves.

Can I prove that? Yes.

The Republican Party was already more politically technological than the Democratic Party, more scientific than the Democratic Party, more creative than the Democratic Party and more politically vigorous than the Democratic Party.

Republicans are currently better than Democrats at fund-raising, better with direct mail, better with robo-calls, better at generating absentee votes, better at driving home their political messages and better at hiring and utilizing professional consultants and advisors.

So when the Republicans changed every election law that they could, they may have hurt the Republican candidates that were good at generating votes the way the laws were.

Time will tell but, regardless of the laws, new or old, the candidates who win elections are the candidates who get the most votes.

The Republican Party couldn't win a rat race if the Democratic Party could turn out voters who are registered as Democrats because there are more registered Democrats in the United States than there are registered Republicans.

But, oh, American political parties are tricky. Sometimes, if you take away the party affiliation, you can't tell a member of one major political party from a member of the other party.

Both parties seek to have candidates who are conservative, both parties seek to have candidates who are wealthy and both parties seek to have candidates who desire to support big business more than they support the American masses.

Yes, I say we've been twisted, turned and misled. The people we thought were working for us are actually working for themselves and against the people. They do what they do to raise money, do what they do to get re-elected and do what they do to trick you.

But no matter how many laws are changed, if African- American voters go to the polls, black voters will decide who stays in The White House and who lives in the whore house or the out house.

America's white voters are divided and if enough brothers and sisters cast ballots, blacks will decide the winning candidates in most election contests.

Lucius Gantt is a consultant based in Tallahassee and author of the book  Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. He may be reached at