philllip-l.-wright-fc-cc.jpgThe Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution may need clearer comprehension and our lawmakers must come up with real solutions with regard to the gun murder epidemic that is now raging everywhere.

In my lifetime as an American born free, I have found that many laws created by the U.S. government and local city, county, and state governments have not been fair and equal for all American citizens and that is evident in the escalation of serious gun crimes.

However, the still current depressed state of America’s economy is one of the causes, too.
People do not feel safe with crime on the rise, no matter where they live or where they may be at any specific time of day or night.

People feel the need to be armed to protect themselves, since law enforcement does not treat all citizens the same and many times they also do not respond to emergency calls with the same priority with regard to some areas with specific racial demographics.

Whatever the reason, we must all face the fact that we have become a gun-toting society ready to shoot first. So we are not safe anymore in America.

But that does not mean we have to tolerate the horrific shootings that are occurring more often and with more seriousness, especially claiming younger victims. Some adults are acting irresponsibly as gun owners but that is not the whole story.

Some of our laws have separated the parent from the child and given the child more ability to resist parental control. Some of these laws have taken the father out of the home, including through discrimination, leaving mothers alone to fend for the family and try to protect and control their children by themselves from dangerous outside influences.

Also, prayer and the mention of God have been taken out of the schools and government buildings.

So it is a complex problem and it is up to lawmakers and citizens to come up with a solution to our gun crisis or these devastating and horrific mass shootings could get even worse than what happened at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, where a gunman shot and killed 20 young children and six educators, and the other shootings that have taken place in our nation.

We do have responsible gun owners who are licensed and who abide by the rules and laws of gun ownership and they are not the problem. The problem of the monster that is gun violence has to do with a variety of factors, including racism and the love of money: greed.

e must take a close look at the weapons manufacturers and pass laws that will regulate the sale of guns and make sure there is an international background check of the would-be purchaser.

We should insist on training for any person who purchases any type of weapon to prove proficiency in its use.

A gun show should not be able to sell any weapon to any person without that person showing an ID, undergoing a background check and psychological evaluation or showing proof of mental competence – and signing an agreement to attend a training session to learn how to use the weapon properly and safely.

We have to start dealing with this crisis and we must do so right now.

*Phillip Leno Wright, a native of Miami’s Overtown community, is a musician, businessman and freelance writer who has a Ph.D in the arts. He may be reached at or