­­­sephora-dubreuse-and-miami-dolphins.jpgBOCA RATON —  Outstanding Boca Raton Community High School student Sephora Dubreuze thought she was attending a typical high school assembly when Miami Dolphins stars Brandon Fields and Dan Carpenter walked on stage and called her up to join them.

­­­In recognition of Dubreuze’s remarkable academic achievements, Fields, Carpenter and Sun Life Financial’s Voluntary Benefits Practice Leader Kim Heald surprised Dubreuze, along with her supporting nonprofit organization American Association of Caregiving Youth with a total of $55,000 in grants and scholarships at a special Sun Life Rising Star Awards presentation at Boca Raton Community High School. 

American Association of Caregiving Youth received a $50,000 grant, while Dubreuze received a $5,000 Sun Life Rising Star scholarship towards financing a college education.

In total, four South Florida students and nonprofit organizations will receive $220,000 in grants and scholarships from Sun Life.

In addition to monetary support, the Sun Life Rising Star Awards program will provide winning organizations with educational curricula and resources to increase financial literacy among students.

The Sun Life Rising Star Awards program is the educational cornerstone prog-
ram of the Miami Dolphins Foundation.

Now in its third year, the Sun Life Rising Star Awards program addresses low high school graduation rates in large urban school districts by providing financial resources and education to students and nonprofit organizations, as well as promoting financial literacy as a means to achieve lifelong financial wellness and stability.

Since 2010, Sun Life Financial has committed nearly $3 million to 54 students and 47 nonprofits. organizations.