used_cell_phones_web.jpgMany people have a collection of old mobile devices cluttering their homes. Those devices have value being recycled for reusable materials, and many have a real monetary value that can be credit in trade-ins. 

Instead of having used devices go to a landfill, AT&T has launched a trade-in program that can help U.S. servicemen and women, or recyclers’ pockets. The program provides payment for qualified trade-ins, or allows

donation of the value of old devices to Cell Phones for

Soldiers, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing deployed and returning troops with cost-free methods to communicate with family while serving in the U.S. military, such as the nearly 600,000 who served in 2011.

The steps to trade in an old device (from any wireless carrier) are: 

1) Wipe the personal data from the device, following the steps at and restore the device to factory settings.

2) Bring old devices to any of the 34 AT&T-owned stores in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, where the trade-in value will be calculated based on make, model and condition.

3) Choose to use the credit to buy new AT&T wireless products, pay your bill or donate to the AT&T-supported Cell Phones for Soldiers organization.

The credit is instant via an AT&T Promotion Card, and the old devices will be sent to be reused or recycled.


Photo: Stock Photo