pierre.jpgMIAMI — Seven-month-old Wideberla Pierre was born with a large mass under her left arm and side. She has been diagnosed with a congenital lymphangioma, a malformation of the lymphatic vessels that produces an abnormal growth.
This malformation prevents Wideberla from having a normal life, wearing normal clothes and
reaching key developmental infant stages such as crawling.

Her parents are desperate to provide their only daughter a chance for a normal life by getting the medical care she urgently needs.
International Kids Fund’s (IKF’s) Wonderfund, a program of the Jackson Memorial Foundation, is calling upon the South Florida community to help raise the $95,000 needed for Wideberla’s surgery at Holtz Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical Center.
Wideberla is an only child who lives with her parents in Petite Anse, Haiti — a city near Cap-Haitien in the northern part of the country. Doctors were not able to treat Wideberla when she was born and even told her mom her baby could die at anytime.
“You can imagine what a devastating impact it had on us, we felt hopeless, but a kind friend put us in contact with the IKF and now we are hopeful that Wideberla will have a chance at a healthy life and develop into a wonderful young lady,” stated Rosenie Michel.
“We want to help Wideberla by providing her the medical treatment she so desperately needs; giving her the opportunity to grow without this malformation and thrive,” said Niurka Del Valle, director of the IKF’s Wonderfund. “We ask the South Florida community to help Wideberla get the chance to crawl, walk, and grow as a happy healthy child!”
IKF’s Wonderfund is helping raise the money necessary for Wideberla’s surgery to take place at Holtz Children’s Hospital. Unfortunately, because she is not a U.S. resident,
public funds cannot be used to pay for her surgery, and therefore the community’s help is urgently needed.
To help, donations can be made online by visiting wonderfund.org, Or by calling 1-877-453-5437.
People interested in making a donation via mail can also send a check or money order. It is very important to include “Wideberla Pierre” on the check or money order in order to credit her account properly, made out to:
IKF’s Wonderfund
Re: Wideberla Pierre
P.O. Box 2020
Miami, FL 33101