brittany-hopwood_web.jpgAs summer winds down to a close, everyone should be looking to their closets for their fall and winter garments. But as you look, you might find that what was hot last year has sadly been washed aside by this year’s edgier trends. Based on articles from ELLE magazine and the Examiner of West Palm Beach, here are some fashion dos for the upcoming months.
1. Paint it BLACK: The color of the fall is somber blacks and grays accentuated by bright colors and unexpected pieces.

2. MONOCHROMATIC silhouettes: Similar to the black and gray trend, mix different shades of the same color together.

3. FUN WITH FUR: Unfortunately for PETA, fur is back full throttle this fall with full fur coats. Seeing as this trend can get dangerous for the economy and the ecosystem, I’ll be going with faux fur the whole way.

4. PRETTY IN PINK: Another color trend is hot pink. Top it with a hat, and you’re in business.

5. Sky-high BOOTS: If you’re planning on wearing boots this fall, either go with low-ankle boots or go all out with thigh-high boots. Either one will fit the trend.

6. DARK NAILS: It seems that the recession has really gotten to the designers as everything down our finger nails is meant to be black or somewhere near it.

7. WINGED SHOULDER PADS: A trend that I feel should have stayed in the 80’s is shoulder pads, but it looks like the next big thing in fashion for fall 2009.

8. VELVETY SMOOTH: To break up the dark tide pulling in this season, velvet has been chosen to soften and brighten things up with its natural shimmer.

9. SEXY LEATHER: From pants to jackets, if it’s leather, it’s in.

10. FUNKY PATTERNS: For leggings and other bottoms, be sure to get them with patterns to liven up a dark basic piece.