liz-de-la-nuez_web.jpgThese days, more fashion-forward shoppers are searching for bargains that won’t break the bank. Shopping at stores like Target, which offer today’s trends at affordable prices, is the new rage.

We all want to look good, but don’t want to spend a fortune on here-today-gone-tomorrow styles. This summer’s trends are fun, chic and easy to put together!

It’s simple to get today’s looks on a budget; I have practically become an expert on the subject, be cause I have to keep up with my fashion addiction on a teacher’s salary! It’s a matter of knowing what you are looking for, and choosing the items that are going to give you the most for your money.

One of the summer’s hottest trends is the romper. It is a look that can be easily transformed from day to night. By picking one in a neutral color, it can be accentuated with shoes in a bright shade. This is a look that I found at Target for just $19.99.

Another popular trend this summer is the maxi dress, which looks best in a print or pattern fabric. This season is about sun, blue skies and sandy beaches. Find inspiration in these natural elements, and go for bright hues! This item was found at Target for $69.99. Although this was a heftier price tag than my other finds, it has the versatility to be worn to formal events as well.    

The last trend on my budget-savvy list is a white, loose-fitting top. This style in a fabric such as linen, eyelet or chiffon is a perfect companion for summer. It will look great paired up with denim shorts or boyfriend jeans. I found the top at a consignment boutique for $15, and the boyfriend shorts can be found at Target for $17.99.     

You don’t have to pay outlandish prices for trendy styles. Thrift and consignment stores are great places to get these looks for a fraction of the cost. In some cases, you might have to do some digging for the good finds, but what does it matter in the end, if it’s all in the name of fashion?

Liz De La Nuez is a first-grade teacher at Palm Springs North Elementary School in Hialeah who has a passion for the latest fashion trends.

Photo: Liz De La Nuez