texting_web.jpgCD9!!  Are you a parent? Are you watching your teen text her thumbs away, and yet you have no idea what she’s saying? Then this is for you.  The South Florida Times presents: Text message translator. Now ne1 can read a txt msg.  Here r a few of the most common txt abb:
Aight= alright
Aka= also known as
Asap= as soon as possible
ASL= age/sex/location
b/c= because
b4= before
bff= best friends forever
brb= be right back
btw= by the way
bz= busy
cd9= code 9: parents watching
ciao= bye in italian
cos= change of subject
ct= can’t talk
cwot= complete waste of time
cx= canceled
Cya= see you
def= definitely
evre1= everyone
fyi= for your information
g2g= got to go
idk= I don’t know
j/k= just kidding
lol= laugh out loud
L8r= later
Msg= message
Myob= mind your own business
Ne1= anyone
Neway= anyway
Nm= not much
nrg= energy
Nvm= never mind
OIC = oh I see
Omg= oh my god
pbj= peanut butter and jelly
Pics/pix= pictures
plz= please
Ppl= people
sry= sorry
str8= straight
sup= what’s up
sux= sucks
Tbc= to be continued
thx= thanks
Tm= tomorrow
Tmi= too much information
Ttyl= talk to you later
txt= text
U= you
<3= heart
4ever/eva= forever