christine_beatty_mug_shot.jpgDETROIT (AP) _ The former chief of staff to ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick on Tuesday began a 120-day jail stay as part of a text-messaging sex scandal.

Christine Beatty was sentenced Tuesday morning in Wayne County Circuit Court. She accepted the four-month sentence in the county jail in exchange for admitting to obstruction of justice charges.

Beatty and Kilpatrick were charged last March for their testimony in a 2007 whistle-blowers' trial. They were accused of lying about their relationship and their roles in the firing of a police official.

Sexually explicit text messages, published in January 2008 by the Detroit Free Press, contradicted witness-stand denials they were having an affair.

Kilpatrick began serving his 120-day sentence on Oct. 28.

Pictured above is Christine Beatty, in a police mug shot.